What is ABM?

“At the highest level, ABM is about reaching the right senior executives. You don’t maintain a conversation at this level with generic messages – or with slick content that signals ‘generic marketing.’” –Megan Heuer, VP and Group Director, SiriusDecisions

A Demandbase survey revealed that ABM can increase deal velocity by 7%, deal sizes by 26%, and close rates by 75%. ITSMA, a leading association for technology marketers, calls it “one of the hottest trends in B2B marketing…” Their recent ABM Survey indicates that 84% of marketers agree that ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing initiatives. ITSMA’s definition of ABM is: “Treating individual accounts as a market in their own right.” They recommend a structured, highly-customized approach to “markets of one” by “tailoring campaigns” to specific accounts, partners, and even individual prospects. If we agree with this definition and approach, then why would we use the same warmed-over campaigns, tactics and methods for ABM?

Despite ABMs promise to revolutionize the way we market and penetrate key accounts, Forrester notes that four out of five marketers find that ABM’s effectiveness falls short. Why? Again, it’s obviously not because ABM doesn’t work, it’s because most marketing and sales teams are struggling with moving beyond comfort zones, even when current approaches are no longer working. We’re all familiar with Einstein’s definition of insanity, but old habits die hard. Another Forrester blog sums up the challenge in the title: “Let’s Move from Cacophony to Euphony.” But how?

A Forrester research report says buyers are 66% of the way to a sale before engaging with your sales team. Until then, the only way you can inform and pre-sell buyers is through your content. If your competitors have better copy, they win and you lose. Unfortunately, most marketers remain in comfort zones by doing the following:

  1. Spend tens of thousands on analyst reports. A 2018 research survey revealed that most decision-makers no longer value analyst reports. Said one CIO at a Fortune 1000 Financial Services firm: “We read analyst reports to stay informed but take them with a grain of salt. We know they’re ‘pay to play’ and therefore biased. We now prefer well-written case studies.”
  2. Use  junior copywriters to create content. The London School of Business  verified that buyers retain 70% of an effective sales story and 5% of facts or value propositions. If your competitors are using top storytellers instead of junior copywriters, buyers will remember their content and forget yours.
  3. Create massive unused sales playbooks.  A Training Industry report says most reps struggle with storytelling and thought leadership. A Sales Alliance study says reps forget 90% of training within 30 days, which makes encyclopedic sales playbooks worthless. If competitive sales reps can teach & tailor better stories, they will get the deals and your reps won’t.

ABM is a game-changer. If you’re not doing it, you risk lower conversion rates, higher cost of sales, and market share loss. If you're ramping ABM, old school copy, mediocre storytelling, and sales playbooks that require memorization are no longer adequate. Effective ABM now requires a new approach called FROG, which stands for Focus on Risks to Optimize Gains. Harvard University studies show we are 3X more motivated to avoid a risk or harm than gain a gain, yet we're still promoting "value propositions." Using FROG Storytelling, ABM, and Selling can increase prospect motivation--and therefore conversion rates--by 3X.

What if you could affordably leverage a team of FROG Storytelling copywriters who have won a host of industry awards, written New York Times bestselling books, and studied under #1 New York Times bestselling authors? What if they had delivered thousands of white papers, brochures, emails, reports, newsletters, blogs, articles, ebooks, web pages, webinar & event invites, surveys that drove over $3B in pipeline? What if they were taught by Ph.D. neuroscientists and had created a 3-Act Play Sales FROG Storytelling framework that was field-proven across 15,000 salespersons and 100,000 channel partners? What might they deliver that others can’t?

Can ABM increase deal velocity by 7%, deal sizes by 26%, and close rates by 75%? Yes, but not without FROG Storytelling, ABM & Selling. If your goal is to drive $50M in ABM revenue this year, then every work day you waste doing things the old way could cost you $192,000.

Ready to do ABM Right?

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